Module Media | An innovative web design and application development firm with a passion for web standards

Web gurus by day...authors, trainers and educators by night.

We're authors, educators, and trainers

At Module Media we wear many hats. Amongst other things, we take great pride in being authors, trainers, and most importantly, educators. We've trained and educated thousands of students and private corporations the skills necessary to compete and thrive in this industry. From Dreamweaver to ASP.NET, CSS to Flash and ActionScript, at Module Media we devote countless hours to researching and ultimately teaching our craft.

Our DVD training series

Between designing websites and building our clients' next online store, we're hard at work pouring our knowledge into a digital medium for everyone to enjoy and learn from. The following DVDs represent Module Media's current DVD-based training efforts with many more on the way. Each DVD is packed with hours of video-based instruction in an easy-to-follow tutorial-based format.

Books we've written

Did we mention that we love to write? We figured that some people learn best by reading than they do by watching so we tried our hand at writing. It's working out pretty well!